Percent Finance is a community-owned fork of Compound, which uses Chainlink as its price oracle. These two key differences meant that Percent could innovate quickly, and carve its own path, while of course standing on the shoulders of the above two giants. Percent already succeeded in adding 15 tokens to…

Please read carefully and reach out via Discord if you’ve been affected

Dear Percent community,

We have to inform you that some of our money markets experienced an issue that can result in permanent locking of user funds.


— Due to an error in the interest rate model update…


On October 1st when we launched Percent, several people pointed out that our core contract had the possibility of having funds stolen by the admin in the first 48 hours after launch due to a delayed transfer of admin privileges.

We publicly admitted this mistake, then notified users about it…


We are proud to announce that as of October 1st at 13:00 UTC the Percent money market is live on mainnet. This follows two weeks of intense development work, community discussion, and testnet and beta releases.

For those who are just getting up to speed, Percent is a lending/borrowing protocol…

Lending and borrowing originated thousands of years ago in Greece and Rome, and these financial activities have become key building blocks in our modern world.

‘Scenes from the Life of St Matthew’ 1390–1399, by Niccolo’ di Pietro Gerini, Church of San Francesco, Prato, Italy. St Matthew is the patron saint of bankers. Photo by Getty Images

While empowering individuals and companies with access to new capital is essential to human flourishing, the traditional financial system has fundamental problems in accomplishing this…

Token Distribution

Total supply: 20,000,000 PCT (Hard capped. No minting capability. No admin key.)

The distribution is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase I (Week 1–2): 10,000,000 PCT
  • Phase II (Week 3–4): 6,000,000 PCT
  • Phase III (Year 1): 4,000,000 PCT

Phase I (10,000,000 PCT)

Start from: 17th Sep, 13:00 UTC

Duration: 2 weeks


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