Percent Finance is a community-owned fork of Compound, which uses Chainlink as its price oracle. These two key differences meant that Percent could innovate quickly, and carve its own path, while of course standing on the shoulders of the above two giants. Percent already succeeded in adding 15 tokens to its money market, all securely using Chainlink prices, and there are plans for more. Percent community members also did research into interest rate models, with the results of these labours being a plan to use 6 different models across its 15 current assets.

Taking a step back, Percent Finance was created by the anon developer @PercentFinance. Their goal was always to gradually hand over control of the website to its community, thus making it truly community-owned. This happened throughout October, with multi-sig members, that were voted in by and from the community, taking the lead in adding the extra token markets and creating the interest rate models. Finally, @PercentFinance announced their departure to the multi-sig community members on the 3rd of November, expecting for them to announce it along with a product roadmap and developer hires that were being worked on to the wider community. …


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